Honour Roll

This list was compiled from several sources including the Book of Remembrance kept in the Memorial Chamber located in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.

Please note: The list may be incomplete and we ask for your help in identifying any missing information.  Please contact Stuart Hodge at 613 369 5046 x250 or email stuart@koallo.ca to update the list.


Corporal Herbert Forrest Anderson, Canadian Pioneers. Feb 1st 1918. P359 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.

Private Cecil Armstrong, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment). Apr 24th 1915. P.3

Beedie, C.P

Private Walter Johnson Bishop, Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) Dec 26th 1916. P.54

Lance Corporal Henry Boucher, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment),

Sergeant Robert Stanley Bowden, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment), March 1st 1917. P.205

Private Alexander Clanachan, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment), Sept 17th 1919. P.67

Private George Andrew Clark, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.), May 8th 1915. P.9

Private James Leyton Dixon Davis, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) Oct 30th 1917. P.226

Private Robert Lorne Falls, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) Apr 9th 1918. P.405

Lieutenant Thomas Harold Fennell, 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Regt.) May 17th 1916. P.84

Private Robert Byron Guy, Canadian Machine Gun Corps. June 10th 1917. P.248

Private John Hyndman, Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) Jan 11th 1917. P.261

Johnston, W.R

Jones, H

Private William Moses Kedey, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) Sept 3rd 1916. P.112

Sergeant Alexander Thomas King, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Oct 11th 1918. P.441

Lance Corporal Samuel Read Learmonth, Canadian Engineers, July 16th 1916. P.117

Private William MacFarlane, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Aug 21st 1917. P.282

Lieutenant Ewen McLachlin, Canadian Field Artillery. Aug 19th 1917. P.285

Lieutenant Thayer Vincent Milford, Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment). Oct 20th 1918 P.470

Private Richard Franklin Mooney, 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.) Sept 12th 1918. P.473

Private Alexander John Peever, Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Apr 7th 1918. P.483

Private George H Perrault, 2nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Nov 13th 1918. Not Listed on Hill

Sergeant Charles Hamnett Pinhey, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Nov 18th 1916. P.148

Sergeant George Drayper Quackenbush, Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment). Apr 9th 1917. P.312

Sergeant Arthur Riley, Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment). Feb 5th 1920. P.553

Private George Sales, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment). Sept 27th 1918. P.496

Major Harold Archibald Scott, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.). Oct 26th 1917. P.323

Private Ledger Sparks, Canadian Infantry, 6th (Reserve) Battalion. Dec 17th 1918. P.504

Gunner David Richard Speck M.M, Canadian Artillery. Apr 8th 1917. P.330

Private Albert Styles, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment). Aug 9th 1918. P.508

Private George Lorne Douglas Sutherland, Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Feb 15th 1918. P.509

Lieutenant Calvin Potters Wilson, Canadian Garrison Artillery. Oct. 20th 1918

Gunner James Wallace Wishart, Canadian Field Artillery. Sept 23rd 1916. P.184

Sergeant Francis Lloyd Younghusband, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment). Sept 26th 1916. P.186


Private John Wesley Adams, Cameroon Highlanders of Ottawa, June 7th 1944. P.234 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance

Flight Lieutenant William James Anderson, Royal Canadian Air Force. Mar 30th 1945. P.491

Corporal Maxwell James Armitage, Royal Canadian Air Force. July 15th 1940. P.10

Flying Officer Roy Garfield Bradley, Royal Canadian Air Force. Aug 27th 1944. P.256

Private Walter Robert Brydges, Algonquin Regiment, R.C.I.C. Apr 2523rd 1945. P.499

Able Seaman Robert Ansley Cavanagh, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Aug 19th 1942. P.63

Corporal Allan Bruce Craig, The Canadian Provost Corps. Dec 19th 1944. P.281

Flight Sergeant Robert Kenneth Craig, Royal Canadian Air Force. Jan 26th 1942. P.67

Trooper Frederick Forbes Dalgity, Royal Canadian Dragoon, R.C.A.C. 4th May 1945. P.507

Flying Officer Howard Elfric Davis, Royal Canadian Air Force. Sept 17th 1943. P.151

Rifleman William John Falls, Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C. June 11th 1944 P.302

Guardsman Wilbert Allan Guest, Governor General’s Foot Guards, R.C.A.C. Mar 27th 1945. p.520

Flight Lieutenant Andrew Crawford Harding, D.F.C, Royal Canadian Air Force, Nov 18th 1943. P.168

Flight Sergeant Adam Kidd Hodgins, Royal Canadian Air Force, Nov 9th 1942. P.82

Sergeant Robert David Irvine, The Canadian Provost Corps, Jan 5th 1945. P.527

Guardsman Jens Carlo Jensen, Governor General’s Foot Guards, R.C.A.C. Sept 18th 1944. P.345

Flying Officer John Armstrong Johnston, Royal Canadian Air Force, Oct 22nd 1944. P.347

Private Elmer Arthur Langford, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps. June 1st 1943. P.179

Private Robert Storie May, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. Apr 14th 1945. P.540

Sergeant Mona Ethelyn McBride, Canadian Women’s Army Corp. June 3rd 1944. P.382

Flight Lieutenant Gordon Leslie MacIntyre, DFC. Royal Canadian Air Force, Apr 29th 1943. P.606

Flight Sergeant Thomas Cecil Mulligan, Royal Canadian Air Force, April 22nd 1943. P.197

Flight Lieutenant James Francis Munro, DFC. Royal Canadian Air Force. Nov 22nd 1943. P.197

Warrant Officer Class I John Milton Potter, Royal Canadian Air Force. April 27th 1943. P.419

Aircraftsman 1st Class Maurice Joseph Richer, Royal Canadian Air Force. June 27th 1942

Sergeant Raymond Reid Riddell, Royal Canadian Air Force. July 12th 1943. P.207

Guardsman Roy Thomas Sadler, Governor General’s Foot Guards, R.C.A.C. Aug 14th 1944. P.435

Lieutenant Pitman Elwood Scharfe, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. Jan 6th 1945. P.562

Flying Officer George Arnold Shannon, Royal Canadian Air Force. Sept. 6th 1943. P.212

Lieutenant William Gordon Thomas, 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards, R.C.A.C. 26th Sept 1944. P.461

Sergeant Donald Craik Walker, Royal Canadian Air Force, Dec 24th 1944. P.470

Warrant Officer Class II Donald Alexander Watson, Royal Canadian Air Force. Jan 9th 1943. P.225


Lance Corporal Gordon Patterson Eadie, United States Marine Corps. Aug 15th 1967.


Private Bernard Paul Joseph Fairfield, Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C. Sept. 13th 1952. P.22 of Korean War Book Of Remembrance


No names available.  Should you have updated information, please contact us.


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