The Design

design2The Committee has engaged the assistance of many local individuals and businesses to provide design proposals, engineering studies, site planning, surveying and environmental, architectural services, Geo-technical services and materials and construction services, the vast majority of which is being provided without cost. The most visible of these professional services is the design and layout of the site. The following summarizes the decisions taken.

Each architectural and material decision represents a conscious choice:

The Bronze Statue

Many military statues reflect the intensity of battle. Our soldier from West Carleton, however, in representative battledress, sits quietly reflecting for a moment amongst the rubble of war to read and re-read a letter from home, remembering friends and family back in Canada. His rifle is laid across his knees.

The Howitzer

The Howitzer, pointed towards the battlefield, serves as a reminder of the tools and reality of war.design1

The Platform

There is a large staging area which can be used by dignitaries during Remembrance Day ceremonies.  The wall is beautifully designed and will incorporate permanent seating.
As the wall and ground converge towards the soldier’s space, we see both of these elements turning into rubble, representing the ravages of war.  The platform will be easily accessible via  two gently sloping concrete paths.

Ceremonial Staging Area

On Remembrance Day and other special occasions, traffic can be diverted around the north side of the War Memorial, allowing for use by pedestrians on Donald B. Munro Dr. and on the adjacent park. The site has been configured in such a way that the sun, at 11:00 a.m. on November 11th, will fall directly on the list of names on the memorial plaque.

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