The Sculptor

ron_cowle Ron Cowle has been selected as the artist/sculptor. He works with an established small sub-contractor team (foundry, welding, pattern-making). His work is found in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. Currently, he is represented by John A. Libby Fine Art, in Toronto and Le Portal Art Tour represents me in Quebec City.

Ron has provided the West Carleton War Memorial Project team an initial quotation for the complete work. Now that the final design, location and layout are firmed up, this quotation will be updated.

From his initial sketches, which were based on the theme of a soldier taking a few quiet moments to read (and re-read) a letter from home amid the chaos and rubble of war, he has produced a Marquette, from which the architectural rendering and 3D images have been completed. Images of these can be seen in our gallery.

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