The Site

The Proposed Site

Serendipity played a part in the selection of the site, as the City of Ottawa owned a traffic island, which is adjacent to the Swan at Carp, the Carp Fairgrounds, and Donald B. Munro Drive. The site is at the foot of the aptly named “Falldown Lane” and Donald B. Munro Drive – formerly the TransCanada Highway.

Interestingly, this site also served as a communal meeting place for gathering water from two wells located there that reputedly had the best well water in the area.

In 2011, we approached the City of Ottawa to propose this site as the location for the Carp Cenotaph. Through the Carp BIA and our local Ward 5 Councillor, Eli El-Chantiry,  this process is being spearheaded through City Hall. A change of use from a traffic island to a municipal park, to be maintained and cared for by the Carp BIA, is in progress.

WCC site plan

Site selection

The West Carleton Cenotaph (WCC) will be located at the foot of Falldown Lane and Donald B Munro Drive, in the village of Carp, Ontario. The area is currently designated as a traffic island, however in consultation and approval of the City of Ottawa, the area is being re-designated as a municipal park. It is expected that this transfer will be finalized within the next few months. The park will be maintained by the local members of the Carp BIA. An architectural rendering is reproduced below.

Site planning and surveys

Comprehensive site planning, topographical and geotechnical reports have been completed by professional consultants (all pro-bono). The site has been deemed suitable for the planned work and no issues are foreseen for site preparation, construction, environmental and maintenance. These surveys are being used as the basis for final cost estimating of labour and construction materials. Subject to further confirmation, an ex-DND Howitzer field piece will be provided by DND in 2014 as a further enhancement of the site. The site has been configured in such a way that the sun at 11:00 on November 11th will fall directly on the list of names on the memorial plaque.

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